by Gary R. Rosenberg, © Douglas County Historical Society, 2008-2010

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Frank Moores
March 10, 1897-March 23, 1906

James C. Dahlman
May 21, 1906-May 13, 1918
May 17, 1921-January 21, 1930

Edward P. Smith
May 13, 1918-May 17, 1921

Richard Metcalfe
February 4, 1930-May 16, 1933

Roy Towl

May 16, 1933-May 26, 1936

Daniel Butler
May 26, 1936-May 29, 1945

Charles Leeman
May 29, 1945-May 25, 1948

Glenn Cunningham
May 25, 1948 - May 25, 1954

Johnny Rosenblatt

May 25, 1954- May 22 1961

James Dworak

May 22, 1961-May 24, 1965

Vertical Files, Douglas County Historical Society Library Archives Center
Omaha Daily Bee, Omaha World-Herald, Omaha Sun Newspapers, The True Voice
Omaha City Directories
“Omaha:The Gate City and Douglas County Nebraska, A Record of Settlement, Progress and Achievement” by Arthur C. Wakely
“Omaha Memories” by Ed F. Morearty
“History of Omaha: From the Pioneer Days to the Present Time” by Alfred Sorenson
“Mayor Jim: An Epic of the West” by Fred Carey
“Political Bossism in Mid-America: Tom Dennison's Omaha, 1900-1933” by Orville D. Menard
“A Journey with Seymour” by Harry B. Otis and Donald H. Erickson
“The Gate City: A History of Omaha” by Lawrence H. Larsen and Barbara J. Cottrell
Nebraska History magazine
Nebraska Educational Television Statewide Interactive website

Photos courtesy of the Douglas County Historical Society and the City of Omaha Mayor's Office


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